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Supporting Safe Sleep

Spring marks the time of year when we begin to see begin to see green shamrocks, yellow chicks followed by pink and blue baby gear. While most births actually happen in August and September, March is the month when companies know that we’re ready to spend money on all things babies. It’s a season of celebrating new life and growth, and marketing geniuses know how to tug on our heartstrings!

While the celebrations of new life are certainly worthwhile, a lot of work goes into welcoming a baby’s arrival, and even more work follows. The cuddles, toes, coos, outfits, toothless yawns and more are so sweet, but they can be quickly forgotten when the baby and/or caregivers can’t get some quiet and restful sleep. In those moments, the goal of quality infant care can be difficult to see through tired caregiver eyes.

Fortunately, caregivers of infants can find many sleep aids and tips. The most important of all just may be safe sleep positioning guidelines. For great information and tips on safe sleep, we recommend the links below.

If you know someone caring for an infant, please share these links. At the same time, don’t forget to ask them how they’re doing and show them some love. Caring for infants is amazing and honorable work, but those who do it need love and support from others to ensure their success with our precious little friends.

What to Expect: Safe Sleep for Babies

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American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep Recommendations

American SIDS Institute

post by: Jason Jacobs
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