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Ring in the New Year with a Resolution to Learn!

According to his Forbes.com article, Dan Diamond writes that about 40% of Americans make resolutions; yet, a study at the University of Scranton found that only about 8% of these people actually achieve their resolutions.  In the article, Diamond notes that the following types of resolutions are the ones most easily achieved:

  • Simple
  • Tangible
  • Shared with Others

There is one more key ingredient that we’ll let you read about for yourself, if you wish.  We highly recommend it.

We want to make your professional development resolutions easy for you this year.  Why have professional development resolutions?  Well, the argument could be made that when you learn ways to improve the work you do with children and families, the benefits affect not only you but the many people you care for and serve.

Participating in training on a new topic – Quality Rated, ECERS, GELDS, Stewards of Children, to name a few – is an example of a simple and tangible goal that can easily be shared with others.  To discover what trainings are available throughout middle Georgia, you can visit our events page or download a pdf copy of our Training Calendar.

post by: Jason Jacobs
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