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March is National Nutrition Month

While nutrition is very important for everyone, it is essential for children, because it is directly linked to all aspects of healthy growth and development.  Moreover, their health in early life will affect their health in adulthood.  For example, a child with the right balance of omega fatty acids in their diet has a much better chance at healthy brain activity and capabilities later in life.  Also, a child who has a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet significantly improves chances of preventing heart attack.

Children don’t know enough about, nor do they have the opportunities to make their own decisions regarding healthy food choices.  They need caring adults to provide, promote, teach about and model these choices.  Helping them development these healthy habits in early life will positively impact their health for their health for the rest of their lives.  Check out the following website resources for guidance in your nutrition education program.

Eat Right
Choose My Plate
Whole Kids Foundation

post by: Geoff Burrows
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