Leap Early Learning Partners’ goals have always been to support and encourage early learning professionals and their efforts to provide the high quality care that each and every child deserves.  Sadly, every-day injustices make this work much more complicated than it should ever be, and we want to take this opportunity to affirm our position on these issues.

We acknowledge that the racism, inequality and suffering that Black families and people of color in Georgia and across this country have experienced are not rare and random acts but daily experiences.

We agree that those who’ve made repeated requests for recognition and respect have been long overlooked, and the calls for change and the work of tending deep wounds are long overdue.

We applaud those who have given so much and for so long to increase awareness of and bring change to the plight of systemic racism.

We affirm our commitment to partner with you, early learning professionals and community stakeholders, in the difficult, but essential, work of helping children understand the importance of being fair and kind – acknowledging and celebrating what makes us different and how those differences make us better together.

We aspire to provide you with the support, training, coaching, and resources that will help to enlighten and guide you on the topics of racism and injustice as you serve as leaders and role models – helping to bring healing to communities of every size, creed and color across our region.

We accept the responsibility to continually seek the education for ourselves that will help us to understand and support you in the best way possible. 

We act, with humble conviction, to consciously practice equality, knowing that success will require us to be honest and transparent about our own growth and gracious with others on the same path.

We are here for you!

Visit our staff picks resource page filled with links to professional development tools, videos, good reads, and activities that we think you’ll find helpful as you strive to grow, personally and professionally, and to lead and serve children and families well.