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What Do Good Teacher-Child Interactions Look Like?

There’s no debate that healthy social-emotional development serves as the foundation for all other learning.  However, there aren’t a lot of great resources available to help teachers and administrators see how social-emotional development is supported and promoted in the classroom.  That’s why the team at Leap Early Learning Partners was excited to learn about a series of videos put together by the North Carolina Rated License Assessment Project (NCRLAP) on the topic of “Language for Learning.”

NCRLAP has made and posted videos of classroom interactions that show teachers interacting with all age groups.  We consider these 15-20 minute-long videos well worth a teacher’s time to support and develop her strategies for promoting healthy social-emotional environments for learning.

Follow the link to NCRLAP’s Resource Page and scroll to videos numbered 17-22 to check out great classrooms in action.

post by: Jason Jacobs
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