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Infant Toddler Super Saturday Series 2020 Online

$20 ($10 for Members)

Interactions to Support Infant and Toddler Mental Health, Aug 22

Featuring Renee Gudermuth, Corporate Field Trainer for Goddard Systems and a certified APT facilitator and trainer for Teaching Strategies, GAEYC Board Member

In this training participants will discuss the importance of supporting healthy brain development and its correlation to the response of teachers to children’s behaviors and thought processes. As a responsive educator, the teacher’s role is to observe children’s behaviors, listen to their thoughts, form a sense of what children are doing, and support and scaffold each child to the next developmental level while maintaining a strong emotional connection. (2 hours)

Emergent Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers, Aug 29

Featuring Douglas Bell, Ph.D., Professor of Early Childhood Education, Kennesaw State University, GAEYC Board Member

Even when you plan, sometimes you have to adapt to what happens, especially with infants and toddlers. Learn about intentional techniques and practices that help turn the unexpected into a learning experience for our youngest learners. (2 hours)

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