Online Edition – Ready to Learn! Setting the Stage for Active Engagement

Child Care Provider Training

1 Credit Hour, Beginner Level
Competency: ECE1.1, ECE4.1, ECE4.3
Cost:  Free

*This training will take place online only via a live webinar. Participants must log on to a computer or phone in order to be eligible to receive training credit.

This training explores the core components of supporting a child in becoming actively engaged. Active Engagement is often confused with other things, like being obedient, compliant, or cooperative. But it’s much more than that. When a child is actively engaged, that child is tuned-in to what is happening and open to creativity, exploring, learning, to all sorts of possibilities.

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Day: Wednesday, September 02
Time: 12:30pm


Online Only


Name: Leap Early Learning Partners
Email: [email protected]