How to Raise Your Rates

Child Care Provider Training

Quality Care for Children, through its Provider Resource Hub, is sponsoring a Free two-hour webinar by Tom Copeland, for all Family Child Care Learning Homes.

How to Raise Your Rates

How do I establish my rates? How do I raise my rates? How do I talk to parents about my rates? How do I match my rates with the quality of care I offer? Many family child care providers struggle with what they should charge. In this webinar we’ll discuss:

Provide practical advice about discounts

Sliding fee scales

Charging different rates for different parents

And alternatives to raising rates that will still increase your income



This webinar is Online Only. Participants must log on to computer to receive credit.



Day: Thursday, May 21
Time: 6:30pm




Name: Monique D. Reynolds; Patricia Sullivant
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]