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Cancellation – 2020 FCCLH Licensing Orientation Meeting (April 6)

The April 6th, 2020 FCCLH Licensing Orientation (at Heritage Hills Baptist Church) has been cancelled. At this time a decision has not been made regarding the reschedule date of this event. Once a decision has been determined, we will be sure to update you all and keep you informed.

This cancellation has taken place in accordance with Public Health Guidelines, put into affect as a response to the Cornoavirus Pandemic and placing your safety first.

Public Health Guidelines that lead to cancellation:

1)      The governor has limited non-essential travel for state employees.  While we haven’t had the opportunity to receive an official ruling on the definition of non-essential, I am taking a guess that this would fall in the category.

2)      Guidance has been to engage in limited social distancing, and a training where we are bringing providers together from different communities and programs would be counter to that guidance.

3)      Agencies from which we draw our service indications (USG entities and school systems) are suspending services.


post by: Justin Wiggins
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