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General Responsibilities:      

The CCR&R Outreach Coordinator will focus on recruitment efforts for Quality Rated (QR) and the QR TA Project.

Outreach Coordinator will: 

  • Oversees all recruitment efforts of the CCR&R (to try and get more providers to enroll in our TA Project). Coordinate plans for calls, events, email and social media campaigns, etc.
  • Maintain accurate data related to recruitment efforts and complete necessary reporting.
  • Coordinate/carry out innovative outreach efforts and provide one-on-one contact and on-going communication with providers in our region to assist them in overcoming barriers that have kept them from participating in Quality Rated.
  • Provide professional development training in accordance with state guidelines and national best practices.
  • Assist with large training events, support efforts to develop/implement Family Child Care conferences throughout region, coordinate training needs for providers in Phase 1 of TA & assist with other trainings as needed.  As able, address needs for leadership capacity building for providers.
  • In conjunction with assigned Team Leader, support efforts within the Bibb County Empowerment Zone (in addition to the recruitment work) as needed.
  • As able, provide support directly to providers. Assist with Quality Rated portfolio & provide group portfolio sessions as needed. Provide assistance to sites that need more intensive TA or that are facing challenges, at the request of the TA or AD.
  • In conjunction with AD and Director, provide support and training to Technical Assistance staff to ensure the highest quality services and support professional development of team members.
  • Perform other duties as assigned and necessary to meet program needs and provide high-quality services.

Minimum Requirements:

  • BS in ECE or related; at least 3 years exp in ECE or related field (early childhood, marketing, event coordination/project management, etc.).
  • Must meet minimum requirements as a GA State Approved Trainer

Selected candidate must be:

  • Proficient in strategic planning and marketing
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Able to coordinate events and maintain accurate data.
  • Communicate effectively, verbally and in writing.
  • Knowledgeable of early childhood education (knowledge of QR would be beneficial)
  • Strong in planning and data analysis
  • Able to work from a home office if not located within vicinity of main CCR&R office
  • Able to work a flexible schedule, to include evenings and weekends and perform extensive travel within region

Position is a full time, exempt, benefits-eligible position.  Pay grade = 14

To apply for position:

Visit:  http://www.augusta.edu/hr/jobs/university/index.php > External Applicants > Keywords:  “Outreach Coordinator”  > Posted:  “Anytime”.   Job ID:  12757

If you have any trouble accessing the website or attaching a resume, you can contact Jacob Usry in Human Resources at 706-721-7369.

To download the job description, please click here.